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3rd, June 2023
'Scottish Cup Final

Caley made it to the Scottish Cup final somehow. I wasn't too keen on going, but Daisy pestered me into getting tickets. I'm pleased we went as the atmosphere was something else. As much as the loss was annoying, although inevitable, Celtic were a far better team and played 'propper' football which was good to watch, also The Celtic fans were so loud it made our ears ring.

Click on the image to see pics of the game.


3rd, June 2023
'Tim's 50th'

Tim turned 50 at the weekend, oonnlluuckky! So we all went through for the party. I ended up getting pretty smashed on the Friday night and was mega hungover the next day.

Click on the image to see pics of the day.


27th, May 2023
'Daisy's Show

It was Daisy's end of year show with Captivate. She did really well and gave everything.

Click on the image see more photos of the show.


26th, May 2023
'Henry's Sports Days

Henry did well in his sports day. This is 2nd last primary school sports day, can't believe he's only got one more to go and he's off to high school.

Click on the image see more photos of the day.


24th, May 2023
'SN 2023ixf'

This is up there as one of my most favourite astro image. This is a supernova SN200ixf, an exploding star, in the Pinwheel galaxy. It was discovered on the 20th of May and I may have been the 1st in Scotland to image it.

Although it only appeared 4 days ago, the supernova happen 21 million years ago and the light is only just reaching us.


19th, May 2023
'Henry's Summer Show

Henry did his summer show today. He did very well. As a rule he normally hates these sorts of things. His performance was far from lackluster, which is the word I'd use for his previous efforts.


29th, April 2023
'Etape Lochness 2023

So I wasn't looking forward to Etape Lochness 2023. Training at this time of year is tricky, especially when you have a rubbish winter and there are colds and bugs flying about. Saying that, I wasn't worried about it either. Waking up at 4am and looking outside on the day of the ride, it was cold, wet and windy, so far from inviting. It crossed my mind not to do it, but it would have pissed me off if I hadn't.

Once the race had started, I started to enjoy it. I wasn't in the mood for blasting down to Fort Augustus, so leached off other riders all the way down. The hill was pretty easy, popped into the lowest gear and spun up. After the top, the headwind became apparent. It was going to grind back to Inverness.

All in all, I did enjoy it. My time was 3 hours and 37 minutes. 7 minutes longer than my target. I did think this would be my last one, but next year is the 10th year of the ride, so may see if I can keep my fitness up this year and go for a PB next.


12th, April 2023
'Carol's Birthday'

Carol turned 25 today...again.

We we out for lunch to celebrate at the Boardwalk cafe down at Silverknowes water front. Can't say the place is very nice and the owner is a weirdo. Carol had fun, which was the main thing.

Click on the image across to see images of the day.


8th, April 2023
'Rhodes & Henry's Birthday'

We spent a week in Rhodes on holiday, our 1st proper family holiday abroad since 2017. I really enjoyed it. Normally I find it too stressful, but for some reason, I wasn't phased by it. Poor Carol picked up a cold there, so didn't have as much fun as everyone else. The hotel was 5 star all inclusive, right on the beach and only 20 minutes from the airport, so ticked all the right boxes, only problem was, it situated in the town of Falaraki, where yobs go to get drunk and sun-burnt for a week. Thankfully, it was early in the season and we didn't see any yobs.

While we were there, Henry turned 11, so his 1st birthday away from home. During our evening meal on his birthday, the staff all sang happy birthday to him and they give us a cake and some fizzy wine which was super nice.

Click on the image across to see images of the holiday.


1st, March 2023
'Beat The Goalie'

We managed to raise a bit of cash today for the new school football kit.

We had beat the goalie in the park. Henry did a fine job of stopping the shots. Click on the image to see a few pics of the day.


6th, February 2023
'Velocity Light'

The Velocity light is probably the best rear bike lights you can get for commuting as it displays your speed on a big, bright display. This perplexes idiot drivers who hang back to try and work out what the numbers mean, rather than over take you in a dangerous way. It's very bright and the battery lasts for ages.

What makes it even better is that they are manufactured here in Edinburgh.


30th, January 2023
'Comet ZTF'

Comet ZTF is flying by at the moment. It's supposed to be viewable with the naked eye, but there's no chance of that in Edinburgh's light polluted skies. It's not going to be a typical comet with a long tail as it's orbit isn't close enough to the sun, so it's only a smudge. The reason there's a lot talk about this comet is that it gets pretty close to earth, hence why we might see it unaided.


11th, January 2023
'Winter Cycling'

Cycling in winter sucks, it's cold, wet, windy and dark. If I had the time and resources, I'd do what the snow birds do and move to a warmer climate during the winter months.

Wishing January and February away at the moment. Roll on Smarch!


28th, December 2022
'Daisy's Birthday'

Daisy is growing up so fast. I can't believe she's now 12 and she's turning into an adult.

She got loads of cool presents and a new hamster called Hazel.

Click on the pick to see pics of the day.


27th, December 2022
'Tim & Family'

Time and family made a flying visit to Edinburgh to catch up.

We took the obligatory large family photo.


25th, December 2022
'Xmas Day'

It was a subdued Xmas day this year as we were still recovering from the flu. Carol went back to bed after a couple of hours she was that sick.

Mum and the kids had a good time though.

Click on the pick to see pics of the day.


24th, December 2022

Right on cue, flu arrived. I think I picked it up at Daisy's Christmas Nativity last week. It floored me and Carol, me more so cos I'm a man. Daisy also got it. Henry avoided it as he was the only one to get the flu shot this year. As of today it's on the way out thankfully, so only really lasted a week, but man it was intense, way more so than covid. I can't remember the last time I had it, according to a shed post from 2013 that was the last time, so hopefully that'll me be immune for the next 10 years.

Anyways, Mum has arrived for Xmas and we are all ready for tomorrow. It's going to be an alcohol free and slow Xmas this year I think.

I did consider taking a pic of some of the dark green phlegm I'm hacking up, but a miserable pic of me would be more fitting.


17th, December 2022
'The Nativity'

Daisy is currently performing in the musical The Nativity. She's been rehearsing like a maniac and is doing 7 performances. She has 2 more shows to do tomorrow. She's going to be knackered come christmas week. Of the 2 performances I've seen she has been brilliant and she's really enjoying it.

Click on the image across to see some pics of the show.


10th, December 2022

The snow is here. There's a 33% of a white christmas in Edinburgh this year too. Can't say I'm too pleased about it, makes cycling tricky, but the kids love it.

Click on the image across to see them messing about in the cold stuff.


9th, December 2022

We have been terrorised by a demon mouse over the past 2 weeks. He's been a brave wee shit too and hasn't been phased with me in the room. We got a humain trap to catch him using peanut butter as bait, but he didn't take it. We tried mealworms, again, didn't like them. So yesterday evening, when he was casually wandering about the kitchen, he went behind the fridge, so I popped the trap against the wall, moved the fridge and like clockwork he ran into the trap.

We released him this morning but I don't fancy his chances, it started snowing and it's -1 out. At least we gave him a chance.


26th, October 2022
'Bike Building'

Bike building, it's just like giant Lego, I love it. I'm in the middle of getting a winter single speed built up, see pic across. I had a summer single speed built up this year and it was great fun to ride. As the components on the summer bike are rare and relatively expensive, I don't wont them to degrade with winter use, hence the reason for a 'less precious' winter version.

When I dusted off the green frame, a bit of rust fell out from within the tubes, so going to chuck some rust inhibitor in it to stop any more decay. I'd really like a set of 50mm carbon wheels on it, but that would cost money and the main point of the project is not to spend any. Saying that, there are some 2nd hand ones on ebay that would do the job, will need to sneak them past Carol if I go down that route.


4th, October 2022
'Hair today...'

Not a very exciting post, but this is the longest I've ever grown my hair. But, being the length it is serves no function, Carol hates it and it gets in the way a bit. So it's time to chop it off.


30th, August 2022
'Daisys 1st Day of School...Again'

Daisy has started high school. I can't believe my little girl is growing up so fast, it's surreal. She's only a week in and the change in her is evident, being surrounded by a new peer group has already changed hows she's talking and dressing. I suppose this is the precursor to the 'teenage years' - so it's hold on to your hat, here we go time!


2nd, August 2022
'Henry Brazil'

Another year past and another picture. Henry's growing up way too fast.


7th, July 2022
'Gullane Beach'

We took a trip to Gullane Beach for the day. It's a crackin' beach, managed to get the tops of my feet nicely burnt too. Click on the image acorss to see pics of the day.


29th, June 2022
'Laureston Castle'

It's the last day before the kids break up for the summer holidays, so Carol and I went down to Laureston Castle for a coffee and I took some picture. Click on the image to see.


26th, June 2022
'Photo Walk'

Daisy and I went for a photo walk yesterday, click on the image across to see my pics. Daisy's images to come soon.


10th, June 2022
'Sports Day'

Daisy and Henry did well for our School Sports Day, which was the 1st in 3 years cos' of the stupid covid panic. Henry got 1st in everything with the exception of the 3 legged race because Harris fell over, not Henry's fault.

Click on the image to see pics of the day.


9th, June 2022
'The P7 Show'

I'm sooo pleased the P7 Show is done and dusted. Our house has been a pit of tension, not because Daisy is nervous, it was from Carol. She and a few other parents built the sets and did most of the logistics for the show. The show was very good and Daisy was excellent in her role as Donald Duffelcoat.


18th, May 2022
'School Photo Day'

Today was School photo day. Getting the kids to pose together is like getting blood from a stone and it's even harder when they have their school ties on. Hopefully the professional pics come out better than mine.


16th, May 2022
'Daisy Football'

Daisy played her 1st football tournament on Saturday. Their team finished 2nd in their group and she managed to score 2 goals. I did incentify the goals with a cash reward. All in all it cost me £13 this weekend as Henry scored a couple of goals in his game on the same morning.


6th, May 2022

I'm finally getting some results with the grass growing in the back garden. It's been a mud pit for most of the winter with the kids playing football on it.

I've fed and seeded it several times, but of late, we've had a few warm wet days and now it's starting to come through. Soon it'll be as lush as Caley park.


28th, April 2022

My fitness is slowly but surely coming back. Was out with the team last night and managed to bag a cup, so pretty chuffed.

I'm loving my bike set up at the moment. The Hunt wheels are amazing, I smacked a massive pot hole last night and got an instant deflation, but there wasn't a mark on the wheel. Super tough.


22nd, April 2022

I was down to do the Etape in Inverness, but because of covid, 2 colds and jiggering my back, my training wasn't sufficient. I went up anyway and did a smaller ride and headed to Paul's BBQ

Click on the image to see pics of the BBQ


13th, April 2022

It's been birthday central here, Carol turned 45 and Henry is now 10.

Click here to see pics of Henry's birthday

And click here to see pics of Carol's birthday.


12th, March 2022
'Macro Photography'

I'm trying my hand at a wee bit macro photography. The image across is Daisy eye.

If you look closely you can see the photographer in the reflection of her eye.

Click on the image to enlarge.


12th, February 2022
'Trip To Inverness'

It was a tense trip to Inverness, it's didn't start well, when we arrived Carol asked if we had left the immersion on, then Carol got sick, then Henry got sick and Daisy was in a foul mood all weekend.

Thankfully the images don't convey the tension.

Click on the image to see more pics.


8th, February 2022
'Orion Nebula'

I'm pretty pleased with this image.

I'm still learning lots about astrophotography as there is a lot to learn. What I really need to do is get away from the city lights as they really hamper the night sky.


1st, February 2022

Covid finally infected the family in mid-January. Carol was the only one not to catch it, but she's jibba jabbed to high heaven so probably why, saying that, most people I know jabbed have had it.

The kids felt ill for about 2 days and were fine after that. For me, I was ill for about a week and a half. It wasn't much fun, but not as bad as swine flu. It's been 2 weeks off the bike and I'm keen to get back cycling again.


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